About Us

About Us

The firm is operating through an integrated network throughout Odisha, representing its clients before various courts, which includes, Odisha High Court, Tribunals, including Civil Courts, Special Courts, and various Quasi Judicial Authorities.

Divorce Lawyers in Odisha has well Experienced, Skilled and Dedicated Lawyers, who are well experienced in Family Law.


We operating through an integrated network throughout Odisha


If the matter needs to be resolved through negotiation, we will tell you. But if it need to be resolved through court is your best option.


Good experience and skills in Family Law and in respect of handling disputes.

Our Vision:

Superior legal services which reduces your pain in emotionally challenging times of matrimonial cases. Let there be complete awareness through transparent mechanism.

Our Mission:

Let there be complete awareness of divorce laws of India !!! We have covered almost all important topics pertaining to matrimonial relationship and different type of litigation that may ensue. We have made sincere attempts to bring entire matrimonial law in simple, concise and easy manner for clear understanding. Articles are also written for easy understanding of the subject. Informed decision is important in personal matters.

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